Our Mission Is To Equip First Responders With The Knowledge, Skills, And Tools Necessary To Interact With Individuals On The Autism Spectrum Effectively.

Ron Bayne

Ron is a nationally recognized law enforcement leadership instructor and coach. He is owner of the leadership consulting company, The Bayne of Elevated Success Threats, LLC (The BEST). He has presented to thousands of police personnel from hundreds of law enforcement agencies in nearly all 50 states across North America. He has been a leadership coach/trainer for FBI-Law Enforcement Executive Development Association (LEEDA) since 2014. As a result of working with thousands of law enforcement personnel from around the country and discovering unique concerns and training needs, Ron created a law enforcement leadership philosophy known as Church for Cops which focus is centered on simple concepts most of us need reminders on to practice daily.

While working for AZPOST he developed what has become known as the AZPOST Basic Leadership Academy which is a 4-day class designed to introduce students to the fundamental concepts and skills of leadership as applicable to public safety organizations. Ron has administered this course to nearly every law enforcement agency in the State of Arizona and this training is becoming known as the flagship leadership training for first-line police supervisors in Arizona law enforcement, as well as for the Arizona Department of Corrections.

Ron has since been hired by the Los Angeles Police Protective League to bring this same training to members of the Los Angeles Police Department with the course rebranded as Front Line Leadership. Ron coaches new leadership instructors for both FBI- LEEDA, AZPOST, and independently across the country. In his role at AZPOST he designed and implemented a 5 step START process for identifying, recruiting, and training new leadership instructors in order to ensure a sustainable law enforcement leadership program for the State of Arizona.

Ron is retired from Arizona law enforcement at the rank of commander after having served in the profession for 30 years. He began his career in law enforcement in the United States Army in 1987 at the age of 17. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy Session 260. Ron possesses graduate degrees from Northern Arizona University and New Mexico State University in Education/ Human Relations as well as in Criminal Justice. He has served as Lead Faculty for several years in the Criminal Justice Department of the University of Phoenix where he was awarded Faculty of the Year honors and served as Adjunct Faculty at Northern Arizona University.